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Art and Cartoons

My name is Robert W. Pelkowski; commonly known as RWP to all my art customers and friends. Art has been a major part of my entire life. I attended Lane Technical High School in Chicago where I started my formal training in art.  Pursuing further education, I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana / Champaign (UIUC) and received a Bachelor Degree in Fine and Applied Arts.  My next commitment was a 2 year tour of duty with the U S Army, where I was assigned the responsibility of artist in the Army Field Printing Plant.  After my Honorable Discharge, I worked many different jobs to apply my skills as an artist and designer.  This allowed me to see many different approaches to art in businesses.

I then wanted to branch out on my own free-lance artist career.  In 1966, became a free-lance artist with the Chicago Blackhawks’ Hockey Organization, thanks to player Stan Mikita.  Then in 1970, I started a cartoon line with various NHL Players where I designed caricatures for over fifty different NHL Players; this line was called Sporticatures (1970-71).  Then I added more players in 1972.  It also branched out to NFL Football Players.  Sporticatures are now considered a collectible in both the USA and Canada.   I have posted a few Sporticatures on the following page.  My relationship with the Chicago Blackhawks lasted 18 years.  During that time, my drawings where highlighted on the Hockey Game Programs Covers and within the programs as part of player and events feature stories. 

After 3 plus years with Sporticatures, I designed a series of kids’ characters designs called the Sport Mites. These Sport Mite Designs were then licensed to manufacturing companies on their own kids’ products. See those characters in Kids World – Sport Mites.  These characters were also featured in 8 Children’s Sports Books now on sale at Amazon.Com.  The Cartoon Shop was my next line of drawings.  Using the events of everyday life I drew many art cartoons of Professions, Recreations, Sports and Miscellaneous.  Finally, in 1983, relying upon my 40 years as a Mushroom Hunter, I designed the Kids World – FUN-Gs.  This line designed around the mushrooms’ world; allowing for a light–hearted approach to these cartoon characters. 

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did creating them!!